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Are You Judging God Unintentionally?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

In God’s reality there is no good and no bad. Everything is just perfect!

If you believe in one God or one Source, and that one Creator created everything, then logically everything in this Universe is His or Her creation, and it is perfect, Right?

And if God is omnipresent, or God exists in every little speck in this Universe, then by critiquing someone, or something all we are doing is finding fault with His magnificent creation, through our petty mind.

Where there is unpleasantness, pleasantness has to exist.

Essentially when you judge a person or a situation, as good or bad, you are judging God unintentionally.

So the next time life is not happening your way, see if you can look at the brighter side in that same situation.

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