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Can a QHHT session boost your immunity?

Earlier it was thought that the elderly and people with chronic illnesses were dying from COVID-19 infections. But recent data shows that the virus does not spare the young and millennials either.

Lack of sleep, stress, anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and panic are some of the causes for this inflammation.

Doctors are observing that the infection causes acute inflammation in infected patients. These acute inflammations are also called cytokine storms.

Lack of sleep, stress, anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and panic are some of the causes for this inflammation.

In these uncertain times, your brain perceives the external environment as a threat. This perception creates stress sending your body into a fight or flight mode. In response to this stress your body’s sympathetic nervous system is activated due to the sudden release of hormones including adrenaline. This response depletes your body’s limited supply of energy because it now has to produce these chemicals.

If this lasts for a brief period, the body has the ability to recoup and stabilize from this stress. But if it goes on for extended periods, like the current situation we are in, then the body gets knocked out of homeostasis or gets knocked out of balance.

The body has only a finite amount of energy available on a daily basis. When you are in fear your body is mobilizing enormous amounts of energy to deal with the perceived external threat.

That leaves little energy for your body’s internal growth and repair.

So, your response based out of fear, anger, pain, negative narratives, self-criticism, anxiety etc. actually weakens your body’s immune system. And if you are vulnerable to your external environment like the traffic, work, or news then these could be influencing your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

The body is an extremely sophisticated machine which is combating bacterium, viruses, molds funguses etc. on a daily basis. But fear and the lower emotions suppress the immune response.

Changing our negative thoughts and feelings to positivity, hope, acceptance and love boosts our body’s immunity.

A QHHT session helps you let go of your traumas, resentment, fears, false belief systems and anything that does not serve you, if you are willing.

During a QHHT session you go into the theta state and experience complete relaxation. When you feel relaxed and safe research has shown that your immune system strengthens by 50%.

Many clients experience lasting shifts and are able to let go of limiting habits, compulsions and old thought patterns during the session, creating a more stable and relaxed you.

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