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A new, UNUSUAL, and amazing way to lose weight...

without starving or sweating.

When exercise, diets, fasting, protein shakes, medication, and even psychotherapy have not helped, you must read this

If someone had told me about this easy method 20 years ago, I too would have been skeptical!

Skepticism is good because it will help you look for the solution that is right for you, rather than settle for the traditional.  

And after having helped 100s of clients, I feel QHHT is the best hypnosis method. 

So how can a QHHT past life regression or quantum healing hypnosis help me lose weight, especially if nothing much has worked for me?

Because the root of your problem lies in the Subconscious mind which for most human beings is beyond their reach. Yet this is the space that holds the answers to the problems that you are experiencing. The Subconscious not only remembers everything from this life but also from past lives.

And you don't even need to believe in past lives to experience the results.

All you need is to be open and allow your Higher Self to guide you to heal yourself.

When you want to create something new in your life you need to do something different, something new that you haven’t tried before.

Read what Karl had to say 10 days after his QHHT past life regression session-.
… While we discussed my eating and weight issues we didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time on these things. It was all the other issues in my life that I shared that turned out to be most importantly.


Since the session how I regard food and eating have changed dramatically.

Where I would use food to cope, I know recognize that the session has modified my behavior entirely at mealtime.


No longer am I eating just to eat along with all the excuses I made that led to over eating.

I feel my behavior has been modified permanently.


While only 10 days have passed I have already lost 2 pounds without one conscious thought about “dieting”. I am eating to live and not living to eat….

Have you on occasion mustered up the willpower to diet and exercise, only to see your weight briefly hold and then creep back up again, leaving you feeling exhausted, heavy, and miserable?


There could be 100s of reasons other than diet and lack of exercise that may be making it difficult for you to shed those extra pounds.

Let's look at what some of the underlying issues could be-

  • Sometimes in a past life, you may have died during a famine. This remnant memory of dying because of lack of food may have resurfaced in this life.
    For example, you may have been quite healthy and fit until you were 37 or 38 and then you start noticing some sudden weight gain. The more you exercise and diet the harder it seems to shed those extra pounds. WHY?
    Your Karmic memory may be thinking that the last time I was 38 I died from lack of food, and now calories are being burned at an excessive rate. 
    I need to help her by conserving fat reserves in anticipation of the imminent famine. Your subconscious programs may just be trying to help you by storing your fat!
    Sounds convoluted :) Right?  


  • Your stubborn weight may have nothing to do with a lack of food in a past life. You may have had an abundance of food as a person of status or a member of royalty. During the Renaissance, excess fat or obesity was viewed as beautiful, healthy, and a sign of prosperity. 
    Residual memories from that past life may sometimes make you feel "I am not overweight, I am perfectly normal" making you keep the weight.

  • You may have been a monk or a poor person in a past life, restricted or deprived of food. So in this life, you may be binging... subconsciously compensating for that lack of food in the past.
    ometimes one could even be afraid of losing weight because they have starved in a past life.

  • In a past life, you may have lived in a culture where being plump was associated with fertility, wealth, and beauty, and being skinny was not desirable and that memory carried on and is still active within you. 

  • If you have been sexually abused you may have unconsciously programmed yourself into overeating, hoping that if you gain weight then you will not be noticed or attacked and hurt in the future.

  • Trauma and stress may subconsciously be compelling you to use food as a coping mechanism.
    Also, unknowingly you may be unwilling to let go of the weight of your traumas, or you may be literally carrying the weight of your traumas as a protective shield on your physical body.


  • While growing up if safety, kindness, love, acceptance, and respect were missing, or body shaming or stigmatization by family or friends happened then you may have turned to food as a coping mechanism.
    What started as a survival process may have turned into a lifestyle even after conditions have changed

There can be many other hidden reasons that we may uncover in your QHHT session as your Higher Self helps you heal and disentangle from past memories.  

Listen to your heart and see how this modality will empower you to become more confident, happy, healthy, and FREE to make the right choices.
See what you will
do when you feel attractive, inspired, and optimistic!

Just imagine effortlessly letting go of your traumas and your stories of the past to manifest the new, exciting you.

I help people just like you from all over the world using a combination of

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

  • Compassionate holistic ways of looking at food and nutrition including Ayurveda

  • Other energetic techniques
    to empower yourself towards living a life of optimal health and freedom.

When you see something from your past, you become the observer of that scene/memory, thereby detaching yourself from that energy as you look at it from a distance, naturally freeing yourself.

So if you have tried everything else... eating the right food, exercising, changing your lifestyle, etc then you should discover for yourself how this heart-based, nonjudgmental session may help you see results where nothing else may have worked so far. 

You are perfect the way you are but if you feel something blocking you from being healthy, having successful relationships, or advancing your career then you will take this revolutionary approach. 

Whatever the reasons are – relationship issues, work stress, health issues, past forgotten memories or childhood traumas your QHHT past life regression session can help you to change it.


When you collaborate with your Higher Self you are doing an overhaul of the program that is running you. 

Can I simply do the PLR session and keep the weight off?

Your body will support you as you keep up with the maintenance.

A happy mind results in a healthy body, and a healthy body brings you confidence, empowerment, self-worth which in turn will keep you happy and fulfilled.


When you discover your life purpose and gain wisdom and clarity in the session, you will naturally drop the negative patterns that don’t serve you, won’t you?...

And make the best choices for you to stay healthy, happy, attractive, and empowered. Right?

Now that you are ready to invest your time, effort, and resources into creating the 'NEW ME' fill out this form, and let's get started.

Start Imagining your new life...

the life in which you are confident, attractive, healthy, and empowered.


Call me so I can understand what you are going through and answer any questions you may have about the session.


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Your Session
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