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What is different that you do than a therapist or a counselor?


Usually, a therapist, or psychotherapist, helps clients develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness and cope with various challenges in therapy. During counseling, the counselor will try and identify goals and potential solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil looking to improve coping skills, strengthen self-esteem, and promote mental health.


While addressing your challenges it’s also important about finding your inner being and the strength inside of you. You have many strengths, but they have been shadowed in layers of fears, doubt, lack of self-esteem, mistrust, skepticism, and so on.

I help you peel those layers that stop you from accessing these strengths and help them grow. You are good at so many things but you are unable to tap into that power. You have many beautiful gifts but you feel helpless and you either believe that you don’t have them or you don’t deserve them on a subconscious level. I help you undo that conditioning and the programming that keeps you limited.


If you have been in therapy or counseling and are still noticing a cyclical pattern in your life; attracting the same relationships which pull you down, negative circumstances at work, compulsions etc. then you are probably addressing your problems only at a surficial level.


I take a unique approach which not only includes the above, but it also helps the client uncover, understand and see the root cause of the problem or trauma is. Once you see the origin of the memory or trauma, the grip it has on you loosens.


It is like pulling out a weed with its roots as opposed to just cutting the tops which are visible. The techniques I use to address the roots of the problems at a subconscious level and beyond. If you just prune the problem at the surface it only grows back more vigorously, in time.


What are some of the changes that clients experience after a session?


One of the most profound changes that some of my clients experience is a shift in mindset - from feeling that they have been helpless, victims of destiny to that of knowing and experiencing that they have the ability to create life the way they want it. 

Making that mindset shift helps you to get to a new position where you can confront the old programming.


Albert Einstein said we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


By experiencing a change in perspective and the energy fueling the problem, clients are able to bring lasting peace, love, harmony, relaxation, clarity, self-esteem, joy, resolution, confidence and trust to the situation.

Do you do past life psychic readings?


No. We regress you so you can revisit the appropriate past life or future life.
Past life readings done by psychics, channels or mediums are an attempt to look back into your past lives, in previous incarnations.

I have great respect and appreciation for genuine psychics and mediums, but in my experience just knowing about your past life or past lives only serves as entertainment.
If you are looking for answers and solutions to recurring traumas, cyclical patterns and are seeking freedom and healing then you have to go through past life regression or an Awakening session yourself. Whether you are regressed or conscious as you look at the appropriate past life and the lesson is learned, or the current trauma, it releases you from the grips and effects that your past is having on your present life. You not only enjoy the experience, but you also release and let go of traumas and memories that are holding you back on the subconscious level.

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