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Gabrielle Gilot

This was one of the best investments I've ever done for myself. The amount of peace, self awareness, comfort, and wisdom I acquired from Sam and my session was positively impacting. Highly recommended!!! The answers to most of my questions were all within me and he calmly assisted me in finding the insight. Extremely grateful!


Dear Gabrielle, Glad I could assist. It is so beautiful to see someone so young, awaken so early, and proactively seek clarity and wisdom. A wonderful world is happening as more from your generation refuse to suffer and instead choose to self empower. Much love and blessings, Sam



Meindok Lawyer4Warriors

This was amazing. The time and care took  for me was incredible. Stay tubed for a more detailed accounting soon.


Thank you Dorothy, you never know which lives your Higher Self will want you to experience, pure energy or animal or alien. Because you were so open your HS could effortlessly keep transitioning you through past and future lives and giving answers. Fantastic self work! Sam



nikki javier

I scheduled a Past life regression with Sam and what an amazing experience. I felt the welcoming energy in the room and felt very comfortable discussing my personal matters. I love how encouraging he was for me to be myself and how much knowledge he shared with me. Thank you Sam.


Thank you Nikki, I was just blown away by the amazing energy and downloads you received today. Wow! Keep up the great work. Enjoy the fruits of love and clarity. Best, Sam



Doeknee Doe

I just finished my session with Sam Joshi , I'm still at a lost for words. I walked in to his office at 8 am and left at 1pm. I wrote down everything that was going on with my life, I thought it was multilabel issues with in me, Sam  pointed how haw everything was connected, Instead of say you need medication, he said I can fix you, when I left, I never felt such clarity like that, I felt rejuvenated, like a dark cloud has passed.  Absolutely amazing,, And burning those papers, It was like closing that chapter!!! The best years of my life!! 77 Sam thank you so much!!


Dear Michael, I always feel very blessed and fortunate being a facilitator when clients like you touch the higher dimensions and become an open receptacle to wisdom and healing. As your Higher Self said – “Nothing is Everything”! Much love and blessings 77, Sam



Courtney Seagraves

What an amazing experience!!! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time  and thanks to Sam Joshi, I have started my journey to becoming more enlightened. Being able to get answers to questions that I’ve had for years and I hope to keep it going. Such a beautiful universe that we live in and there’s so much to learn about, especially in this age and time. I’m excited beyond belief to have met him and I feel like we will be friends for a very long time! Namaste’ 😊


Dear Courtney, thank you. You are a beautiful being and your past lives surely affirm this. That was a quantum leap in spiritual evolution and I appreciate the opportunity my friend! Much love, Sam



Rachel Kuh

I have wanted to do a Past Life Regression for quite some time and I am so thankful that I found Sam! With his wisdom and guidance, I have been able to drop the emotional baggage that I have carried with me for the past 36 years! The weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am now able to live in the present instead of dwelling on all of the negativity from my past. He has helped me to truly appreciate the people in my life and all of the things that I have. For the first time in years, I can honestly say that I am happy! Thank you Sam!


Dear Rachel, thank you for your kind words and I appreciate you coming from so far away. I admire how gracefully you were able to drop what doesn’t serve you and have love in your heart for everyone. You have everything within what it takes to be happy. Enjoy, Sam



Jeremiah Stokes

Sam is an incredibly gifted individual, who is extremely knowledgeable in a multitude of areas associated with Spirituality, healing, and personal growth.  He was very professional, and his passion for serving others is astonishing. The experience I had with Sam proved to elicit incredible insights and a deeper sense of awareness. I would highly recommend his services!


Thank you Jeremiah. Your love for God and your fellow humans is so immense and so is your big heart! It was my privilege to be a part of your beautiful activation. Best, Sam



Marie Joachim

I was searching for a Medium to do a  past life regression over a year now all the reviews I was getting from the other medium  I didn't feel any connection, so after  reading Sam Joshi & Shoma Joshi reviews I was enlightening I called right away Sam answered my call and we spent 45 minutes on the phone answering all my questions. He gave me all the details and what to expect if I scheduled the appointment with him. Sam was very honest, compassionate and non-judgmental. Although the drive was 2 hours I was still excited to meet Sam, the experienced I had was magnificent, Sam didn't rush the cession. After everything was done I felt like a different person, my heart was aching before the cession but after I was released, I felt energized, I'm able to let go my previous relationship and now open my heart to start a new one. If you book a cession with Sam I guarantee you you won't regret it, so you just one phone call away to get some answers that you are seeking. Thank you so much Sam for your help.


Dear Marie, thank you so much for your kind words! Just keep up the faith and trust in your power to heal yourself through your beautiful download of energy. Best wishes, Sam



Mya Negroni

Wow! What an experience! I recently became aware of Past Life regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques after watching documentaries and reading books on the subject. I did a Google search, which led me to Sam Joshi. Although it was a bit more than an hour drive for me, the testimonials and great reviews from previous clients were impressive and the reason why I decided it was totally worth the drive. I filled out his website's contact form and I received a phone call almost immediately. We talked over the phone for about an hour before we schedule an appointment and I knew right away I made the right decision. He kept in touch with me leading up to the session, giving me advice as to what to expect and how to prepare. The day of the session I was already at peace, relaxed, and excited. Sam takes took his precious time with me. Not even once he made this experience feel rushed. He is open minded, non-judgmental, and compassionate.  As an skeptic, I had absolutely no expectations about this experience but I went in with an open mind. The session was an eye-opener and one of the most healing experiences I've had in my life. I feel empowered like I've never had before to take care of my body. I strongly believe that everyone should schedule a session with Sam. It's OK to be a non-believer - just go with an open mind. I promise you will have no regrets.


Dear Mya, It is so beautiful that you naturally seek to help women with their life journeys as you did for yourself yesterday... activating the best within you. Thank you, Sam



Amanda Ettienne

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain meeting with Sam Joshi and experiencing his energy and guidance that will bring you true awareness. There is so much more to who we are and our precious lives. Through this experience with Sam you will gain something special in your own way as we have our own areas of significance. Personally in my experience with Sam, I received wisdom, confirmation and understanding that brought light to areas of my life. It is an experience to really consider and be excited about. Sam’s energy is truly a gift however you will know meeting with Sam that you are a gift to him also, as there is a true appreciation.  It is refreshing, different in the best way, and why not!?

Who would not like an adventure, that brings peace and so much more. I am pleased,  I satisfied my curiosity, embraced healing , welcomed guidance and met Sam!  Thank you :)


Thank you Amañda, You are doing fantastic, you are riding the wave! As you continue to maintain that higher vibration, you will feel, experience, and do things that seemed challenging earlier. Enjoy creating the reality and experiences that you want, with 100% involvement. Best, Sam



Rose Joachim

My time with Sam was such a healing, releasing and purging/cleansing experience for me. It was so needed and brought such a positive light in my life. First, Sam speaks to you on the phone and is so open with what is expected and what it is he does. He asks questions about you and what the reasons are for seeking this experience. Once we met, of course I was a bit nervous, but Sam had this strong positive energy about him that makes you feel so at ease and able to open up. After talking about your life and the questions you want answers to, he gets you to a relaxed state which allows access to your highest self. Trust me, you will get all your questions answered and more!!! I highly recommend this experience with Sam. I wouldn’t want to do this with anybody else. Thank you Sam!


Dear Rose, It takes trust and confidence in yourself, the Universe and me to come all the way from Boston just for the session. Thank you for trusting yourself! With your new knowledge and wisdom, living consciously will keep you in high vibration allowing you to bring in more joyous experiences within and with people around you. Enjoy. Sam



Alyssa Gillooly

I recently went and had a GHHT session with Sam and it was truly one of the most enlightening and life changing experiences I’ve ever had. Sam was extremely helpful and helped me gain so much insight on life as a whole that my perspective will forever be changed in the best way. I was looking for answers and he answered them all with wisdom and complete honesty which is what I was looking for. He also took the time to make me feel comfortable and made sure I was aware of the what the whole process would entail. If you are looking for guidance, insight, or wise words I would look no further. I highly recommend Sam and thank him for an incredible experience!


Dear Alyssa, Thank you for your kind words. So young and so wise … your resonance is the echo of your being and what aligns within you. Best, Sam



Dee P

Sam Joshi is one of the wisest and most knowledgeable people I have ever met.  I have been searching for a past life regression practitioner for years.  After speaking with Sam over the phone, I knew and felt within minutes that he is very gifted and that he is the real deal and I made an appointment.  Sam is a great listener and his insights are spot on.  He is also very thorough and goes over every question you have.  My hypnosis session was amazing.  I learned a lot about myself but most importantly, Sam gave me the tools and inspiration and started me on my journey to make 2021 the year I really start living and experiencing joy.  Thank you Sam!


Dear Dee, Thank you! You are consciously choosing a brand new timeline for yourself, so trust yourself to move in the direction that you are creating as the energies support you in these uncharted territories. Best, Sam



Camilla DiSorbo

I had the opportunity to have a QHHT session with Sam. From the moment I spoke to him over the phone I felt 100% comfortable scheduling a session with him. I drove 2 1/2 hours for my session. Sam is very patient and walks you through the whole process. I didn’t know what to expect but I went with an open mind. He helped me heal from past traumas and helped me understand what my purpose is in this lifetime. The session truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Sam for a QHHT session. Thank you!


Thank you Camilla. Your passion to help and heal the self and others is amazing and the Universe will continue to support you every step along the way on this fantastic journey you are on. Best, Sam



EJ Bernard

I had am amazingly wonderful session with Sam!


Before your session, you speak to him on the phone and you are able to ask any questions you may have. He provides you with all the information about the session and gives you assignments to complete. Very thorough in explaining what your mind will endure once you dig deeper trying to free yourself. He was SPOT ON!


At first, anyone may feel uneasy. You may feel anxious thinking "I am about to pour my heart out to this complete stranger". I admit, I was nervous. However, immediately upon entry you are greeted with a huge wave of positive energy. Sam was so easy to talk to.


The energy in the room was so inviting and wasn't hard to get comfortable. We spent a lot of time talking about my life and certain life truths. He was able to help me look at certain painful situations in a different perspective. The healing begins right away. I felt a weight lifting off of my shoulders the more we spoke about my life experiences.


The regression process was a huge release for me. I am excited to continue on my path and do the work necessary to free myself.


Sam spends as much time as needed with you. He takes his time to make sure you are comfortable the entire time. I would definitely recommend Sam for anyone looking to heal themselves! 5 stars!!!


Thank you EJ. As an awakened being it becomes a lot easier to surf life. Your feelings and your intuition are your guides. Many blessings, Sam



Kara Perez

I had a wonderful session with Sam!  It's been 3 days since my past life regression and between the release of past life trauma and the practical knowledge and tools Sam and I discussed, my life is changed for the better.  I highly recommend!


Dear Kara, You know what it takes to create changes, within and outside, to help yourself and the people around you to heal, evolve, and ascend. And that is a blessing. Best Sam



Sijin Karayil

Highly recommend the QHHT session with Sam Joshi. I had my QHHT on Dec 29, 2020 and it surpassed my expectations. Prior to the session, Sam had coached me on what to expect and asked me to come prepared with a series of question for 5 categories - Health, Career, Relationships, Business, Life purpose. On the day of the session, the first few hours were spent on the questions, so he can really understand what I was seeking. His session room was very relaxing and welcoming. After the discussion, he guided me into the Theta hypnotic state. I was very much in control, and knew everything that was happening. However, there was an intelligence that was speaking which wasn't me. At first we visited three past lives that had significance to my questions. The past lives to me was very revealing on the different experiences I've had. Then we tapped into my super conscious and went through the questions. Some of the answers surprised me as well. The wisdom and healing that I received in the session was truly remarkable. After the session, we had a discussion on the wisdom received. This was a one-of-a-kind experience and I highly recommend the QHHT session with Sam


Dear Sijin, thank you for your kind words. You have a beautiful journey awaiting you and you have so much goodness inside of you that the world is awaiting. Many blessings, Sam



Erin Fleming

I had the wonderful opportunity to have the QHHT session done with Sam.  Honestly, it was a remarkable experience.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I came with an open mind with the intentions of healing past traumas.  Sam is incredibly patient and understanding.  He will walk you through the whole process and asks many questions to determine your goals.  I feel grateful to have met him and have the QHHT healing done.


Dear Erin, You are consciously choosing the timeline you want to be on. Trust yourself and your guidance so you move in the direction that you are creating. Thanks, Sam



Helen Joseph

My session with Sam exceeded my expectations and was one my highlights of 2020. From the moment I called to inquire about what to expect from an appointment, Sam was kind, encouraging, and enthusiastic. Even through the phone, his passion for this work was clear!


During the first part of the session, Sam and I discussed my reasons for scheduling the appointment and what I hoped to gain. He was incredibly knowledgeable and I learned so much from him in our conversation.  During the hypnosis, I gained great insight and healing around several life issues. Days later, I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience and feel a positive shift in myself. I would definitely recommend working with Sam to anyone interested in QHHT and looking for clarity and to move forward in a positive direction in life.


Thank you Sam!!


Dear Helen, You are an incredible person. Trust your feelings and intuition as you consciously create every step on this journey. Best, Sam




I had a wonderful experience with Sam. From his professionalism to his gentle spirit, reassuring demeanor and caring nature I could not have asked for more. Sam is a gifted QHHT practitioner who goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients experience the healing and transformation that can be found in that part of ourselves that is always connected to the Source or God.


Thanks T.P., The small changes that we set into motion within, add energy to things that serve the greatest good of all. Enjoy, Sam


Taylor Dempsey

I had a QHHT session with Sam and it was really amazing. He has so much wisdom and shared a lot of lessons with me. He really took the time to get to know me and my reasons for being there. I also liked that he was very straightforward and didn’t sugar coat anything, he was very real and honest.


The hypnosis process was very easy and relaxing. We went through a few of my past lives and got all of my questions answered from my higher self and subconscious. He gives a recording of your session to listen to that helps you integrate it into your every day life. Which is very helpful! It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful that he has decided to share his gifts as a healer.


If you’re on the fence about it, just do it. It’s life changing in the best way possible!


Thank you so much!!


Thank you Taylor for your kind words. I am sure you will help and inspire many people on the timeline that you are creating for yourself. Enjoy the beautiful journey and enjoy sharing so much that you have. Best, Sam



Li Mo

I had a unique and positive experience with Sam. I was able to open up and see things in a different way. Thank you, Sam, I look forward to applying these techniques to help me live a life full of abundance and peace.


Thank you Li, the radical transformation you experienced in just four hours shows how powerful this session is when one is open to it. Enjoy the abundance and peace that you have started manifesting today. Best, Sam



Kennedy Samuel

known Samanvaya (Sam) since school days, a good friend since last 40-45 years at least.  I have been discussing Spiritually with Sam since over 2 to 3 years and each time our discussions left us with a feeling of; we need to meet and discuss more often.


On the 6th November, I was very pleased when Sam conducted the QHHT and PLR "with" me.  Sam shared with me videos and important notes almost 5 days before the session and spend time explaining the process and writing down questions that need to be discussed.  Sam prepared the set for the workshop very articulately and in a childlike simplicity and love,  making sure the place in order, the seating comfortable and explaining the process in very simple terms.


The 1 hour 30 minutes in trance seemed like a few moments, Sam led the experiences flow on, with punctuated questions and words of encouragements to move on with the visions; was calming, very soothing and revealed a lot about Self.


Being a Self-realization coach myself; I will state with great love that the workshop enabled me realise various dimensions and get a wider view of the spectrum of Self.


Thanks Sam.


Hey Kenny, It was a pleasure to reconnect and I appreciate the opportunity. You were energetically open which allowed us to do so much. Thanks for your kind words and feedback. Sam



Brian C

I fumbled a little with the technology, but Sam was patient and talk me through it. He was truly patient, friendly, calm. I did the awakening session and he gave me very practical advice. He wanted me to understand the source of issues, but did not force. He was affordable. He had quality service and even broke payments up. He truly cared. A great teacher allows the student to realize it in himself. This is what Sam did.


Thanks Brian, I appreciate your review. You are on the right path and you will be helping others too. Best, Sam



Prayaag Joshi

I was lucky to have a QHHT session with Sam a few days ago during his visit to India.  Sam ensured that I prepared well for the session diving into my self and coming up with the questions that were uppermost in my mind.  After we had considered each of them, Sam helped me into a trance in which we visited three of my past lives.  We also discussed the follow up steps after the trance.  The whole experience was wonderful and opened many inward doors for me.  I really appreciate Sam’s interest in my well-being and recommend him very highly to everyone who wishes to regress into their past lives to understand and live their current life better.  Thank you very much Sam!


Thank you Prayaag for being able to receive. When we put our thinking mind to rest... magic happens. Best, Sam



Paola Benavides

This was an amazing experience. There is a sense of safety and loving energy. Sam takes his time listening and making you feel comfortable and free to be and express yourself. It is truly two souls helping others from a loving heart. Thank you Sam for such a welcoming and wonderful experience.


Thank you Paola. It was an amazing experience for me too, listening to your journey in this life and past lives and the powerful gifts that you have unlocked for yourself. Best, Sam



Kurt Jacobson

I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd been feeling blocked in my life lately and couldn't figure out why and was unable to move forward. Sam was very professional, respectful, and clear in his guidance during the process. The hypnosis/trance session was so powerful and helpful in giving context for many of the things I'd been struggling with. The entire process has been very healing. It's something I feel I'll be integrating for months. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about making a change in their life.


Dear Kurt, Thank you for driving all the way from Atlanta. Even I was amazed with the power your Higher Self came through, the messages and the healing that it brought you, throughout the session. You are truly immense and it was my good fortune to have facilated your session. Thanks again, Sam



Mr J.L Davis

Was an amazing experience and gave me a lot of clarity on my life and the relationships I have thank you so much for your understanding and guidance 🙏🏽


Dear Jovan, the session really is just a tool to bring out the beautiful genuine “you” from within. You just “uncovered” your truth which has always been within you. Enjoy the freedom and the benefits of it. Thank you, Sam



Tikiboo Marrone

My session with Shoma was profound! She is very kind and attentive. She made her home feel absolutely welcoming. I felt comfortable opening up to her. She really takes the time to listen and consider your concerns. I went into the session with an open mind with out expectations. I believe that along with Shomas loving guidance we were able to make the most out of our time together. I was able to perceive one of my past lives and also to connect with my higher self.  Many questions I had about my life were answered and many tools for how to navigate my present dilemmas were given. It was a truly beautiful and life changing experience. I recommend Shoma to anyone looking to have a past life regression session. She is a kind soul that will help guide you to the answers you seek. She also happens to be an incredible artist! Please consider her your 1st choice. With much love, Thank you Shoma!!!


Thank you so much and I appreciate your review! Shoma



Christine Watts

Sam was welcoming and kind.  He was extremely patient and took the time to really get to know me and understand my concerns.  I felt very comfortable during my session.

It's hard to quantify the experience with words, but after my session, I feel like my energy has shifted. I feel like I have renewed energy and purpose.

Sam is a true master of his craft. You can feel that he sincerely wants to help his clients to meet their goals.

I strongly recommend that you try for yourself. It's truly a unique and healing experience.


Dear Christine, Thank you so much! As you align within, you also transform and open yourself up to receiving phenomenal energies for yourself and for those around you. Enjoy co-creating. Sam



snezana spiric

My experience with Sam was amazing and healing one.

Sam's energy and all energy in the room was calming and gentle.

We talked for hours  .. he listened everything with patience and understanding and I felt better just talking with him and just crying...

He took his time,didn't rush anything because you can feel that he really cares for people getting better and reduce they emotional pain...provides guidance on your issues.

I'm full of gratitude and entire experience was refreshing and enlightening.

If you looking to find some answers or to know yourself better you should go and tray QHHT with Sam.

Thank you Sam

I'm really thankful for meeting you  ☀️🌕🌠🙏


Dear Snezana, It is amazing to see how you carry yourself and touch people's hearts with your beautiful smile. I am sure people around you will be inspired when they hear your story of self healing. Best regards, Sam



Pete Zahn

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Sam. Very nice, serene, spiritual space, most conducive for our explorations. I enjoyed a very positive and emotional regression. We spent several hours discussing spiritual progress on the path to enlightenment. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and i unconditionally recommend same for his work.


Dear Pete, What a fantastic session! Your greatest asset is your ability to observe yourself and the necessary.ingredient for spiritual ascension and enlightenment. Great respect for your wisdom and perseverance. Thank you, Sam



Ormagly Suarez

My experience was Shoma was a very enlightening and healing one. From the moment I walked into her work space she was very welcoming and kind. We went into a great conversation about life and it helped me find answers to some of questions that I always had/believed about life and the universe.The therapy session was great, I felt very calm and relaxed during the process. I can’t wait to listen to the recording and apply my answers into my daily life. Thank you Shoma for such a wonderful experience, you will definitely see me again 😊

Dear Ormagly, It was wonderful doing the session with you. You are beautiful and complete inside out. You will continue to succeed on this journey. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Shoma



Dalma Almiron

This was truly a unique very positive experience. I  found a quite, peaceful person that is truly a healer.   The overall experience is very unique and is making a very positive impact in my life.  Today I left his home and all I could think of taking care of the flame that I had turned on in me. I want to thank you Sam for Being that person that destiny has put in my path to help me and to have the correct words at the perfect time.


Dear Dalma, Thank you for your kind words. You are intuitive, strong and caring and I enjoyed doing the session. I wish you the very best, Sam



Anonymous experts Deep experience

The first impression that I had of Sam was positive! He change my vision of my all life , he give me the answer that I was soffering about from many years!!! Was peaceful I feel safe true the all sections . I can’t wait to experience it again ! Love you Sam ♥️


Thank you Annamaria, You will shine the light on those who cannot do it for themselves through your unconditional love. Best Sam



Patrick Wells

I had always wanted to try past life regression.  It came up recently in conversation and I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  I spent the first 3 hours just talking with Sam having my mind blown about life, the universe, and everything.  He confirmed a lot of what I had already suspected and added so much more.  It was really life altering information.  Then we did the session and it was incredible.  I won’t go into details about the session because it is a private experience and I don’t want to influence anyone’s expectations.  All I can say is if you’ve ever thought about doing this and you’re open to getting in touch with your higher self, Sam is the guy to go to for it.


Thank you Patrick. Your openness was the biggest contributor to your incredible experience and will take you a long way in life. You are a true seeker and it was a pleasure helping you reconnect with your Higher Self. Best wishes, Sam



Sonia Rodríguez

Thank you Sonia, I enjoyed our conversations and doing your past life regression. Shoma



Samantha Mannor

My experience with Sam was wonderful. Truly one of the best things I have ever done for myself and Sam’s energy was gentle and healing. I felt no judgement, I was very comfortable, and I left feeling very at ease and excited for my future. Sam’s kindness still resonates with me now and I feel a deeper connection to my true self. Thank you so much Sam!


Thanks Samantha, I am very happy that I was able to help you. So glad that you were able to see these amazing light beings. I wish you all the best on your journey of awakening and realizing your gifts. Sam



Raunaq Singh

Got a past life regression from Sam this weekend and was a very good experience. Sam is genuinely concerned about your well being and goes lengths to ensure he understands your issues thoroughly. I was amazed at the undivided attentions for hours the day of my appt. he just does not look at time and provides guidance on your issues even before the qhht session. He genuinely cares in your getting better and finding solutions for you. His spiritual knowledge, deep understanding of emotions and a genuinely caring attitude providing a very relaxing and calming effect on your overall well being. Gald I found him.


Dear Raunaq, I feel fortunate to have been able to assist you with your session. As you described the vivid visuals, colors, symbols and images you were seeing during your regression, I could feel the energy and it was powerful. Thank you, Sam



Janobia Julka

I had my first QHHT session with Sam this weekend. I was looking for a past life regression session and chanced upon Sam's and Shoma's online page:

Without delay, I called Sam to book my 20 minute free introduction session. I spoke to Sam later the same day and he was very patient and accommodating of my questions. It ended up being an hour long session where Sam patiently answering all my questions.

I was really excited to for my QHHT session booked for the following week.

On the day of the session, Sam spent a significant amount of time getting to know me and what I was looking to get from the session. Even before the QHHT part of the session started, Sam had already shared beautiful, simple and practical insights to improve my quality of life. His non-judgmental bearing gave me the space to share my story unafraid.

Once the QHHT session started, I was shown the experiences I needed to see to heal and grow. With Sam's help, I was able to receive all my answers from my Higher Being. I feel comforted, healthy, safe and spiritually connected to my God Self. I am very grateful for the experience and can say without a doubt that I was quantumly healed. In fact, it keeps getting better with time. Thanks Sam!

I highly recommend Sam for anyone who is looking for a radical shift in their healing and spiritual journey. There is so much more to life than we know. We are so much more blessed than we know.


Thanks Janobia. You are so blessed to be co-creating the energy and vibration necessary for others to ascend. Enjoy your spiritual journey while you help others! Best, Sam



lakeysha martinez

Meeting Sam was truly amazing and life changing. I have never experienced such a positive shift in my life  in such a short amount of time. Thank you Sam, you are truly a gift from God! I am very grateful I came across your path.


Thank you Lakeysha. Your connection with your Higher Self is very strong and it will continue to grow and help you in your ascension journey. Best, Sam



michelle camacho

Life changing experience. Sam's energy is incredibly welcoming. My visit humbled me, thank you for everything! Definitely recommend!


Dear Michelle, So young yet so wise! You will be an inspiration to others! Thanks, Sam



Cora Scott

Positive: Communication, Professionalism

My visit with Sam was wonderful. He was very kind and understanding. He made me feel comfortable and safe. I highly recommend him.


Thank you Cora. You were amazing. Just keep paying attention to your vibes. You will be a wonderful healer. Best, Sam



Magaly Bernace

Thank you Sam it was absolutely amazing. You are a true healer.  From the beginning you made the process very simple. You took your time. I am very pleased and will be coming back for more session. Namaste and thank once again. Yes


Dear Magaly, What a beautiful and powerful session! And it was a pleasure to hear you narrate the rich past lives you have lived .

You are truly spiritually gifted and helping others will bring you joy. The world needs more people like you. Best Sam



Future Reality bean

Positive: Communication

My experience with was very unique. He is very living and caring. You will feel as comfortable as if he were your diary, no judgment, no conditions, just honesty and openness. You will take it as far as you allow yourself. I didn’t get what I expected BUT I got what I NEEDED, I got what I’m ready for right now... and that is the point. He allowed me to unload my past from this life which on its own is a gift that has no price. He guided me through a glimpse of what was and helped me discover what is best for me Right now. He never rushed through the time, quite the opposite, if I had more time to give in the session he would have gladly continued. He is a very genuine, authentic being and I am honored to have crossed paths. Try this out for yourself. If you’re reading this it’s because it’s time for you to stop doubting or questioning yourself, just let go and make the call. I would recommend them to anyone.


Thank you Ana for your recommendation. You are courageous and brave and you are empowered from within. I will be looking in bookstores for your best seller soon. :) Sam

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