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Chris Durden

Thank you Sam Joshi for your Wisdom and Kindness. I’m grounded, full on peace and I know I have the ability to live a life of fulfillment.


Thank you Chris! Being grounded and full of peace means you are operating from your heart. And that is the wisest way to live. A fulfilled life is a consequence of listening to your feelings than thinking through your mind. The mind can be a true assistant as long you let the mind be guided by the heart. Much love and blessings, Sam



Karl R. Deigert

I was searching for hypnosis therapy for weight loss when I came across Sam’s website. Struggling with Yo-Yo-ing weight for decades I was seeking a solution to my eating habits that kept me in this cycle. I wanted permanently modify my behavior. Sam’s great reviews led me to him.
Sam took a full hour of his time in our first call. FREE! He explained what QHHT therapy is and what I could expect from attending. He asked in-depth questions to ascertain if if might be a good candidate for QHHT. Expect to bear your deepest concerns, guilts, regrets and desires. The more you can help Sam look to your whole being, the more he can help you. He will guide you in detail on how to prepare for the session. Be open to the idea that your past inhibits you today. Be open to the healing that may come from your time discussing your issues with Sam. Preparing was so revealing I became excited to what may come from the session.
I was not disappointed. Sam spent a full six hours with me discussing my concerns of the past that were bothersome almost daily. This time passed quickly and without a clock I would not have guessed that many hours had passed. Once Sam felt he had enough information about me he counted me down. What seemed like a few minutes again was 90 minutes.
Today, 10 days after my session with Sam the areas that dwelled on for years seem to be broken away. I begin to think about them but somehow my subconscious scrambles the thoughts away. It’s like “static” when trying to tune in a radio channel. The thoughts of past issues are garbled, unclear, and unable to be heard. It is AMAZING!
While we discussed my eating and weight issues we didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time on these things. It was all the other issues in my life that I shared that turned out to be most importantly. Since the session how I regard food and eating have changed dramatically. Where I would use food to cope, I know recognize that the session has modified my behavior entirely at mealtime. No longer am I eating just to eat along with all the excuses I made that led to over eating. I feel my behavior has been modified permanently. While only 10 days have passed I have already lost 2 pounds without one conscious thought about “dieting”. I am eating to live and not living to eat.
Whatever issues you are dealing with I believe that if you truly want to heal, and are open and committed to the idea of bettering yourself, Sam can open the door to your healing. His passion is to help you be a better you. Open yourself to the possibilities and start the path today.


Dear Karl, Thank you for your sharing and I am sure your review will resonate with many readers!
Weight gain, in my experience, comes as a result of traumas from this or previous lives. Sometimes we use food as a coping mechanism. For others, their stubborn weight could be rooted in the memory of a famine they experienced in a past life, which automatically kicks in now. Whatever the case may be, when you connect with your Higher Self you are able to bring healing to known and unknown traumas, which can help you drop these energetic patterns easily.
It is beautiful that you are experiencing garbled static when you try to tune in to the past, because a lot of it has been cleaned out. Enjoy, Sam


Charlie Barnett

As a clinical therapist, I'm always looking for ways to be a better tour guide for my clients. Part of that process is also making certain that I am taking good care of myself. My experience with Sam provided both in some wonderfully unexpected ways. Since my time with him less than 3 days ago, I have written the Forward and the first 2 chapters of a book that has been rolling around in my mind for the past several years. Some people touch our lives for for a just a season, but Sam has touched my heart for a lifetime! I trust this will be your experience too. John C. Barnett, MA/Ed.S, MDiv, LPC, NCC, CCMHC


Dear Charlie, I truly admire you for being open to this modality, especially as a clinical therapist.
Thank you!

Life is a journey, an adventure, and a mystery and will never fit in the box of the limited, logical mind.
And this in itself is validation that a lot of self-work, healing and removing blocks can be done in the subjective dimension of the subconscious through QHHT. Beautiful to hear that you are following your life purpose of writing the book and touching people's lives in a positive way! Much love, Sam



Nicole Visaggio

Sam was absolutely wonderful and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with him, and meet him. My session was very healing, and brought a lot of enlightenment to my journey. He truly has a genuine passion and love for what he does, and when someone feels that way about their work you know what you’re receiving will truly be for your benefit.


Thank you dear Nicole. You did so wonderful and you will continue to evolve, and effortlessly blossom while being in touch with your Higher Self, the divinity within you! That you experienced the higher vibrations in what I do, means you too have them within you. Your experience of the session is simply a reflection of what is already within you... and that is beautiful! Enjoy, Sam



robert lombard

….you know this…your most trusted ally is your higher self…


One recent day, supported by the skillful guidance of Sam, I learned how to close my eyes and ask my deepest and most troubling questions of this trusted ally.  And the answers came, in a loving concise manner that was direct, informative and poignant to my immediate life.  Since then I have transformed from the proverbial lump of coal to a newly formed flower bud with each petal opening simply magical.


My wish for you is to live a truly magical life….


Thank you Robert! We always have our most trusted, loving ally by our side ... our Higher Self. Magical transformation naturally happens when you become open and simply let go, so that you can experience the infinite nature of yourself and especially of Source.



Thomas Billig

It was a truly amazing experience! I highly recommend a QHHT session with Sam who is a true professional in what he does. He made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Sam helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. My spiritual journey has been catapulted to new heights thanks to Sam's guidance and compassion. The actual work is done by you with Sam's assistance. I feel refreshed and vibrant with a newfound perspective on life. I now have a profound understanding of who I truly am and what I must do to progress forward!


What a beautiful session Tom! Truly wonderful. We choose the people in our lives and our relationships with them to learn, spiritually grow, and experience ourselves as Source. Unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness are essential for our spiritual growth. And as Ra so beautifully says - Forgiveness of other-self is forgiveness of self. Enjoy, Sam




Sam--THANK YOU!  I have been on a journey of healing for nearly 5 years now.  I had also been seeing a psychologist for a significant period of time on a weekly basis--and that got me only so far.  Lately, amongst other issues, my biggest issue is feeling blocked, and that impacted me on many levels, and impacted my subsequent choices and actions.  Blocked--from feeling beyond a superficial level--whether it was bad or good.  And that block is also keeping me from having true deep relationships and trust.


Sam's methods are incredible.  And he doesn't watch the clock.  He seemed more than happy to spend as much time as needed on the phone even before an actual session, first to make sure my needs were compatible with what his skills are, and then in preparation for my session.  He gives you "homework" to do prior to, which he breaks down into 5 categories that you can pucca your issues into, and he tries to address all of them. (I had 12 pages...and he touched on every one!  And my friend had like only 2 pages, and that was OK too).  I think my session was 10 hours or better.  I did not feel rushed.  I felt relaxed and able to discuss with him any and all of my concerns that I could think of at the time, and he made sure I left satisfied that all my questions were answered.  He saw my friend on a Saturday and me on a Sunday--so the days of the week don't seem to matter--he works with you.


I definitely get the impression that he does this as a passion to help people, not just to get money from people.


I have seen a breakthrough in my feelings and behaviors, and while I'm not yet "perfect", I made a HUGE LEAP in my journey to being the person I want to be, and making the choices that I deep down want to make.  I quickly broke long-standing bad habits after seeing him, and that has been incredibly awesome.


I hope someone reading this can benefit from all the praise seen on these reviews, as it was what convinced me to go--and I am a believer--and plan to send other friends to him as well.  (well, suggest that he might be helpful to them too!! :-)


Thank you dear ARL! You are the un-blocked expression of the divine feminine, a peacemaker, a lover, and a healer as you make peace within and forgive, love, and heal even those who may not know this way because they are traumatized and hurt.

As you are conscious of what is happening inside of you, you are empowered, and connected with your Higher Self. The power and the wisdom lies within your heart center and you know how to access it. Enjoy, Sam



Zacharie Jombart

I had a really good session with Sam. We talked and then experienced hypnosis. It was really interesting and felt very good afterwards and still feel good now a week later. Energy maintenance is important. Thanks Sam


Thank you Zach and yes energy maintenance is vital. The most natural and easiest way to do it is by being in touch with your Higher Self. Great energy and healing!!! Sam


Georgia Rodriguez

Wonderful experience! Sam is so very easy to connect with.  Was able to come to terms with things traditional therapy was never able to touch.  Definitely worth the investment!


Dear Georgia, So true! When we work with the subconscious we are able to touch that dimension that needs the most attention, things that have been forgotten, buried, or swept away, lying unprocessed. The energetic activations, with your inner wisdom, makes it easy to let go of that which does not serve you, to create and manifest consciously what you want. Thank you, Sam



Sam Winfree

Sam is intelligent, welcoming, comfortable, knowledgeable, and kind. He has mastered what he does, and I highly recommend him.


Thank you Sam. It was wonderful talking with such a young yet wise being.

Use your powerful inner realm to spread and infuse acceptance, love and joy in everyone around you, embracing especially those who lack what you have within. Best, Sam



connie bond

Sam Joshi is an absolutely wonderful truly caring and compassionate man who guided me through a stunning and quite revealing and inspiring QHHT

method of past life hypnosis that has helped me to understand myself and my personal struggles in life and led to a degree of many levels of healing

I had longed for. You need only to begin with an open mind without expectation. For anyone looking for a deeper meaning in life, true healing and what your heart and soul really want I would definitely recommend Sam and his very skillful talents in QHHT


Dear Connie, you are very kind and truly evolving! Thank you! Your willingness to look within yourself and make peace helped you release and heal yourself. Keep operating through your heart. Enjoy, Sam



skyler smith

Sam helped me gain a new perspective on my life and and my understanding of the universe. This helped release and let go of so much pain and anger. It opened my heart and let me fully love in ways I couldn’t prior. Sam is a truly kind soul. His calmness and peaceful presence is something I truly admire and hope reflect within myself going forward. If you are someone dealing with trauma, pain, or guilt inflicted by your self or others I highly recommend making the trip to meet Sam! He will help you find the answers from within. When you finally have the answers it’s funny because it feels as if you always had them and you knew it the whole time. Coming to peace is something you can’t put a price tag on. It was worth the trip and an experience I will never forget! Thank you Sam!


Dear Skyler, I am always in admiration when someone so young, has the wisdom and clarity to choose a past life regression session to heal and empower themselves. I feel we the grown-ups can learn a lot from the younger generation and even children, simply if we are willing to pay attention. And same goes with the voice of your Higher Self! It has always been there, guiding us, whispering to us when we need to course-correct.Thank you, Sam



CoCo Puff

I have had a very profound QHHT experience that will leave an imprint on me for the rest of my life. Sam was very informative and genuine during the session. I would highly recommend this place simply because of the beautiful energy.


Dear S, What a beautiful session. The Universe is always looking to send energy and teachings to those who are open and receptive, and you certainly are.

As you open up more the repeating numbers, dragonflies, cardinals, synchronicities, all just keep multiplying. Operating from your heart will keep you in high vibration and alignment as you attract more of your spiritual gifts. Enjoy, Sam



Tmeda Holt

Very knowledgeable., this the best thing I ever done

Dear T’meda. You naturally come from a place of knowing and that reflected throughout the session. The session helps fill in the gaps, and cohesively integrate the new knowledge. Thank you! Sam



Deetra Ware

I met with Sam a few days ago for a past life regression and wow! Gentle energy & sense of well-being right off the bat. I am feeling refreshed, recharged, & all around positive. In one session I was able to let go of long term guilt & anguish. I have a better sense of my life’s journey and clarity of my thoughts. I recommend this to people in all stages of spiritual journey & anyone who has stumbled upon his website; you are being called.


Thank you Deetra, Every time that you help others, open your heart, be kind or meditate, you are raising your vibration, and you are doing it very well! With the clarity that you have experienced, the reason to stay in lower emotions will not arise. It’s time to embrace yourselves just as you are. Thank you for being a willing volunteer, a lightworker here on Earth.

Be in touch with your Higher Self and continue to blossom. Best, Sam



Rhonda S

I went to see Sam because I am dealing with a profound loss. He spent the better part of 3 hours talking to me as well as giving energetic healing. This was not the first stop in my journey but I do have to say this was the first stop where I felt the genuine empathy and care that I needed on a spiritual level. It wasn’t about the clock and it wasn’t about anything but what it would take to send me on my way better than when I got there.The energy for me was evident and profound and I not only left feeling better in my spirit but also my body. He is genuine in a world that is losing authenticity and empathy. I am very grateful that he shared and I’m sure at some point I will be back to continue my journey.


Dear Rhonda, When we experience disappointment or loss, we are simply being pointed to look inwards, toward that dimension that contains it all. When someone comes to me it is impossible to know exactly what someone is experiencing, yet it is only through empathy and inclusion that we can understand and raise human consciousness. Life is a beautiful dance, keep dancing! Thanks, Sam



Kimberly Keith

I recently had a past life regression session with Sam. It was an absolutely magnificent experience!!!!! I have been on a spiritual journey for some time now and spending time with Sam has been life altering. I left my session feeling weightless and peaceful. Everything is brighter now. I have a new perception on how I view relationships and situations. Immediately others were drawn to me and responding to me in a much more positive way. I now feel like I also have a guide and mentor. He was attentive and supportive from the first moment I spoke to him and that has not changed even after my session. He has kept in contact with me and is there for me when I have questions or need to talk through something. Leading up to the session he made me feel comfortable and safe as I asked endless unanswered questions about challenging situations in my life. His knowledge, understanding and amazing ability to explain things changed the way I navigate through this life. He is a kind, patient, loving, brilliant man who will leave the world better than he found it.


Thank you dear Kim! The energies you activated in the session naturally bring you a glow and clarity which others cannot ignore. When your energies are raised, it is easier to let go of things that don’t serve us, and as you let go, you let in and experience some of the magic that exists all around you. We just need to trust and sit back, relax, and let the Universe do the heavy lifting. Enjoy, Sam



anthony mccannon

The most life changing experience. Sam radiates peaceful energy and truly makes the entire session about YOU. Thank you Sam. I'm a better man because of the tools that you showed I possessed all along.


Dear Anthony, It was great timing for a transformative session, just a few days before the powerful energies of the Equinox. And with the tools and knowledge that you have it is very much possible to feel and attract what you want to attract. Many blessings and much success, Sam



Debbie Davis

I had a connection with Sam on my first call to him. At that time I was just researching, but something kept telling me to go see him. I went for a past life regression, but I got something else unexpected, that I needed more. Sam is very patient, knowledgeable, understanding throughout the whole process including before and after the session. He has been available to answer questions I had after the session without any hesitation. If it is something you are thinking about doing, just do it and see Sam. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Thank you Debbie. As you open up and relax into the wonders of the Universe, you will naturally go beyond the limitations of the physical mind. And for you the beyond starts with feeling and experiencing energy and knowing yourself as essence. Enjoy, Sam



iyanna handy

For anyone who is confused about something about themselves , looking for answers (even about physical ailments), even just looking to be awakened I highly suggest past life regression WITH Mr.Joshi!  He’s educates you about spirit , and at the same time helps you understand yourself and people as a whole . After my appointment I have realized some very important things about myself and the universe that will help me! Anyone can be helped this way if they are open to exploring . Sam Joshi does a great job of making you feel comfortable to be truthful which helps even further . I flew from Atlanta to Ocala Florida for this appointment and I’d do it again ! Thank you so much to Sam Joshi for living in your purpose , helping others with their purpose!


Dear Iyanna, Thank you for flying in to see me. I appreciate your confidence and trust in this modality and me. The activations, and downloads that you received help in your ascension and in truly being the love that you are regardless of what is happening on the external. Your personal journey is also beautiful as you help, teach and heal others on their ascension journey. Best, Sam


Anne-Isabelle Bonifassi

I had a past life regression session with Sam last week and it was AMAZING!

Sam is one of the most loving and caring soul I have ever met. He is wise, patient, and enlightened and took his precious time with me, sharing his amazing knowledge, guidance and healing energy. Thank you Sam, for everything!


Before the session, Sam spent an hour on the phone with me to discuss the process and asked me to prepare a list of questions that I would like my higher self to answer while under hypnosis. After a 2h flight and a 5h drive from Miami, I finally arrived in Ocala for my session.

My pertinent questions were answered before and during hypnosis and Sam’s patience, understanding and wisdom helped a lot and made me very comfortable and more centered with myself. After an 8h session, I left feeling energized, centered, balanced and more compassionate and understanding of others. I feel like a gate is opening and with Sam’s advice and suggestions on the work I need to keep doing, I have faith I can open it fully. I am so grateful and blessed to have found Sam and would highly recommend him to anyone! You will leave lighter, gain a better understanding of this life and help your spiritual journey. I believe everybody should do this work to help the soul evolve and heal.


Sam, I thank you again for everything and will definitely see you again for another session!


Dear Anne-Isabelle, You are making a big difference, leading humankind to become kinder, more thoughtful, more caring, loving and giving to the planet and that is beautiful. Keep painting your canvas of the new Earth you envision as you find the light, joy, and laughter within you. I admire you for making the long trip from Haiti, and trusting your heart about this session. Thank you, Sam



Jennifer Jordan

Sam is great and his spiritual gift is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend speaking with him. He’s very knowledgeable and understanding. He made me feel completely comfortable.


Thank you Jennifer. Your mission, your life purpose to help others spiritually on Earth is genuinely appreciated by many beings. Keep up your strong connection with your Higher Self. Enjoy, Sam



Phil Wells

If you’re looking at this, and you’re skeptical, so was I. That said, I went ahead and scheduled a session with Sam. I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive and effective the whole process was. The energy scan blew me away, I never knew technology existed that could do that - and I KNOW it was legitimate because the scanner and program brought up all sorts of problems I already knew about, but hadn’t even mentioned yet - all by scanning the gas and charged particles the skin on my fingertips emitted. Then, the past life regression happened on a bed - I thought I was on for maybe 45 minutes, but nearly two hours had passed when it was over! Mind you, I have an excruciatingly persistent and accurate sense of time. Additionally during the regression, I had some experiences/visions/statements that simply could not have come from the unhinged creativity of my own imagination, nor could I have faked them.


The session overall helped me identify a few medical concerns, and it genuinely helped me with the anger I came in to help overcome and let go of. Immediately following the session, and long into the day afterwards when I am now writing this review, that relaxation and bliss the appointment put me into has persisted. I also encountered on the way home the sorts of things that normally make me angry - and my response was more conscious, less automatic, and - most importantly- LESS ANGRY!!


I would highly recommend giving this family and their service a try if you’re even partially considering it. Out aside the skepticism for a moment and just go for it, and allow yourself the flexibility to consider what is presented here; the western mind likes to grasp tangible things. Let the results of this intangible process be the tangible thing. Go with the process and trust Sam’s guidance and desire to help you in helping yourself! Take the process seriously, even if your logical self struggles with making sense of the process or considering it reasonable. The universe is, after all, beyond any individual’s comprehension, and life is more than it seems. Be open to that, and you’re definitely going to start seeing it!


You will not be disappointed, if you give the process the involvement YOU deserve!


Thank you Phil. So young, so wise! Yes, when you understand where anger comes from and its consequences, you naturally choose a conscious response to unpleasant situations around you. And as you become conscious you become relaxed, empowering yourself to manifest what you want in your life. Thank you for trusting yourself and me. Life is surely more than it seems and the session gives a good glimpse of that! Much love, Sam



saif almohdar

One of the most beautiful loving souls I have ever met. Sam took time to hear my story and learn about where I am in life and what I want to move towards, he answered all of my questions with so much love and wisdom and genuine care and offered guidance and support. Just being in a space with so much soft present love was powerful and a reminder that there is so much hope for joy, belonging and healing in my life. I truly hope if you feel alone, lost or in need of kind loving energy or direction that you contact him.


Thank you so much Sam for all the time you gave me. 7 hours. I didn’t feel rushed, judged or unseen once. Your heart is truly magical and I hope you have as much joy love and care in your life as you shared with me during our time together. I can’t express to you how meaningful that space that you created and held was for me. Thank you again. I hope we meet again in this lifetime.


Dear Saif, Thank you for your loving words. By giving yourself permission to be who you want to be, you are just yourself, living your life fully, bright, and shining!

Looking forward to your scriptwriting which can lead society into an entirely new dimension. Best, Sam




Both my boyfriend and I had a session with Sam and we both loved it. He’s very knowledgeable, the session is enjoyable and interesting. We learned a lot from his conversations both in phone and in person and he dedicates his full attention and time to you. We highly recommend him. Thank you Sam!


Dear Maria, You have a pure heart, that very loving center of who you really are. When you live through this energy - ideas, inspiration, and anything else that you need can flow through it. Opening your heart, is always better than opening your mind. Best, Sam



Monique Brazil

This was truly an Amazing Experience. I feel as if I got a lot of c confirmation.Also learned a lot.Sam was Wonderful to work with and his hospitality was Amazing. The Energy of the building were safe and up lifting.I am now feeling My New ness. I am so Great full for the Universe for connecting Me with Beautiful Intuitive Creative Souls. Thank You Sam.

Thank you Monique. What a wonderful session! Your confirmations are simply showing you how well you are ascending. They are a true reflection of the internal progress you have made. Shine your light. Enjoy, Sam



debra lewis

I am grateful for gifting myself  a  session with Sam. I would recommend him to any person who aspires to be in deeper connection with themselves and others. Sam is most helpful and an excellent  coach.


Dear Debra, It takes wisdom to appreciate and gift oneself! Your strong connection with your Higher Self will only accelerate the beautiful work you are already doing to bring consciousness to the collective. Thank you, Sam



Gary Borse

I am filled with gratitude for my session with Sam Joshi. With his knowledge and guidance he brought insight into some of my questions I don't think I could have had answered in any other manner. Some of the things revealed to me during the session were very real visions and experiences I had that allowed me to go back in time far enough that when I did come back there was a definite enlightenment that occurred to me with my perception of time. I had thought I was only in the session for twenty minutes and it was over ninety minutes while I was able to see things that appeared within my consciousness that took me on a journey like I have never experienced before. Since my session I have had more synchronicity that appears as coincidences but I know better because I am an experiencer of NHI and I am aware of many things I did not see or understand before I took the first step of asking for contact of extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional beings several years ago through Ce5. Learning about consciousness through contact with NHI helped me understand the hypnosis procedure and how I could relax my mind to allow the information to come in at the right frequency that I could relate to it. I waited for a long time to do this QHHT and glad I found the right practitioner to help guide me in this adventure.


My dear Gary, thank you for being an ambassador to the E.T. realm on earth. And thank you for believing in yourself, your Higher Self, non human intelligence, E.T.s and everything beyond. Operating through trust and your heart is a beautiful way to live. Sam



Lucky palamino

My passion with the Healing Art of Massage, is inspiration for my own personal growth. I  hold the loving space for others to participate in their own healings. My Intuition is invaluable, one of my gifts is thru sensation on my skin/ body  (in form goose bumps/Truth Bumps  which give me the message of YES/GOOD, VALUABLE, PAY ATTENTION !!


I have been involved with self discovery since 1990, which has been a journey, experiencing many Spiritual practices/varied therapies/healers /shamans/master teachers etc.


All years of the personal work I have experienced has removed layers OFF issues I have a charge/reactivity with. Well , at least I am narrowing down what my root areas are to focus

I was happy to do the writing /exploration Sam asked for as there’s energetic clean up I feel that works thru writing/speaking/ burn it… lol.


I have waited several weeks before reviewing my  Delores Cannon’s QHHT session with Sam. I was watching my reactions/responses with my family along with other ways of experiencing life after session.

With family, I have to say that about 75% Response / 25% Reactive, I am able to speak about what is not ok in a calm loving manor. Practice and knowing this is possible, creates even more opportunity to Respond.


My most amazing gift from a past life message was that “ I had not listened to my intuition, …I was full of guilt and remorse. As I am writing this my Truth bumps are activated from crown to waist. Yes the body sensation of chills/goose bumps are coming daily

multiple times when appropriate. I had a healing with my dad as he showed up in my dream state.

I received another healing as I listened to recording of session.


So what I am digesting from this knowledge and physical Truth Knowing is that “I must pay attention to my body/heart and NOT override with my mind, allow a moment to pass before responding to family.”


thank you for your kindness,


Namaste Sam


Thank you Lily. Oftentimes we hear stories of monks or wise people and now you are one of those... who has taught her Self to respond instead of react with family.  To be able to be true to your Self and others about your feelings in a calm and loving way is a beautiful example of self-empowerment and evolution! Namaste, Sam



Kannikha Kolandaivelu

My birthday gift this year to myself was a QHHT session with Sam. I had a really incredible experience undergoing the session with Sam three days ago. He answered all my questions promptly before my session and during the session. He was very patient throughout and I did not feel rushed at all in my process. The session lasted about six hours. He spent a nice amount of time getting to know me and making me comfortable. We went through all my questions before regression and he also gave me good suggestions on what practices I can implement to care for my physical and emotional health, which I will do. He smoothly guided me through the hypnosis and got all my pertinent questions answered from my Higher Self. The energy in the room itself was amped up when I arrived for my session and when I was ready to be regressed I could feel incredibly strong good energetic presences in the room. After three days of quiet and integration, I am still receiving information, energy and downloads after the session. Such was the potency of the session with Sam. Thank you so much Sam for helping me open more gates in my life journey and uncovering my gifts. Thank you for your caring nature, kindness, good intent, good energy and for the guidance you provide for others. So incredible to see someone like you working towards increasing the vibrations of humanity and Mother Earth as a whole. Many many blessings to you throughout your journey! I highly recommend a session (or more) with Sam and you will definitely leave with a lighter being and your gifts and healing being activated, whether we consciously realize it or not.


Dear Kannikha, It is a privilege to be a small part of your spiritual journey. The information, downloads, and energy that came to you from your guides just affirm your rapid self-transformation.

The Universe will always support you as you translate these energetic downloads into designs and ideas to create the society around you that you have always wanted to be a part of. Best wishes, Sam



Yvonne Mairose

Sometimes we need a helping hand on our journey of discovery and Sam's passion and patience allowed me to receive an extraordinary healing session. It is rare in this day to find a person with such integrity, a person truly and wholeheartedly committed to improving the life of others. Sam allowed my QHHT session to happen at the pace that was best for me, I felt supported and understood which imbued me with complete trust in the process. Thank you Sam for all your time and energy, without it my next step in this healing journey would not have been possible.

I recommend Sam as a conscientious, thorough practitioner of QHHT and will visit him again and again in the future.

Remember, you don't have to believe in your higher self, your higher self believes in you!

Blessings to all.


Thank you dear Yvonne for your kind words! I am in my best-feeling space while assisting someone heal themselves, empower, and evolve spiritually. And this happens when both our Higher Selfs collaborate.

You have so beautifully and wisely said – “you don't have to believe in your higher self, your higher self believes in you!” This is so true!!!. Thank you for inspiring me and all who read your sharing. Sam



Genesis ponder

Sam I sincerely thank you for the guidance, information, consideration, and compassion you gave me while in your care at our session. I was simply lost in every sense of the word, but You showed me how to find myself, a part of me I didn't know existed. You are a master of your craft and I'm truly blessed to have found you. The day I spent in your session was so profound. You taught me self love, explained I'm all powerful and the divinity is within me. I sincerely thank you Sam. Your heart is pure gold. You went above and beyond any expectations I had and the experience gives me a new life moving forward. I would recommend anyone in search of new beginnings to seek you out and have a session with you.

Thank you so much!



Dear Genesis, All I needed to do was peel away the layers covering the gem that has always existed within you. You are so perfectly aligned from within. Expansion and ascension are a natural consequence when you make your journey a joyous one. So, enjoy every moment! The kingdom of God is within you. Thank you for your kind words, Sam



Miguel Contreras

I have had the most beautiful journey I could ever had. The energy I got is beyond words. Sam explained to me every step that I needed to know..the session lasted for about 5 hour or longer which is a lot of time. I got the time for my treatment. Thank you Sam for your help. It was an amazing experience.


Dear Miguel, I am so happy that I could assist you on your journey and yes the energy was intense! The Universe yeilds in magical ways and the experience of healing is amazing. Thank you for your kind words. Sam


Barbara Carswell

Sam it was a pleasure meeting you. You put clarity on some things that I had been experiencing searching but not getting clearer answers thanks for clearing things up.


Barbara, Thank you for being such a wonderful audience. My talk was just a catalyst to help you experience what you already have within you - clarity and wisdom. Enjoy, Sam


Baby girl

Sam was amazing. He answered all of our questions with grace,intelligence, and most importantly NEVER made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. ABSOLUTELY LOVED OUR CONVERSATION


There is never a dumb question. ‘I DON’T KNOW’ are some of the most powerful words that intelligent humans use. I enjoyed answering all the questions and respect the diverse viewpoints of everyone in the audience. Beautiful gathering in a beautiful energy! Thank you, Sam



Josilin Mobley

I enjoyed my lovely experience with this man. It confirmed a lot of things in my life.Thank you so much.


Josilin, You were energetically open, and that is all the Universe asks for! Confirmations, signs and synchronicities are just the Universe’s way of telling you that you are aligned with your truth! It was wonderful meeting you all. Best, Sam



survin humantley

This was my first experience having a past life regression session.  I Desired to know more about myself and my purpose in this life.  So I researched past regression.


I discovered Dr. David Weiss. After listening to his audio book, this was my confirmation. So my amazing wife researched and found Sam Joshi. Before scheduling the appointment, Sam requests to have a conversation to introduce and inform me about this session.


Sam was very informative about Life, and how to navigate through the daily struggles of Life. This brought so much ease and comfort to my mind. When I arrived, when I entered the room there was a peaceful energy.


I discovered so much about myself throughout this session. It seems that there was so much that was lifted from me. I left the session with more clarity and understanding about me and my past. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”


Thank you.


Dear Ervin, You are one of those few who intentionally chose more challenges in this life, as it offers the most opportunities for growth, and that is very admirable.

And you have also chosen to create a just, inclusive, loving and peaceful universe, and that is also beautiful! Thank you, my friend! Sam



Janine Williams

Highly recommended! Sam was wonderful. He helps you feel comfortable and passes no judgement. There is a wonderful energy when you walk into his space. I hope that anyone thinking about trying it out, actually does.Thanks Sam!


Dear Janine, You are such a wonderful being. Relax, enjoy, and take a deep breath as you stride forward and help others around you to do the same. Have fun and spread love! I hope you infect the entire humanity with your beautiful smile. Best regards, Sam



Candi Duenas

Beautiful experience! Enlightening and so full of heartwarming information that sets you on your personal path to happiness and healing no matter what you are going through or seeking! Sam in friendly and welcoming and I'm so glad I was lead to him as a spiritual advisor! Thank you from my soul...💜🙏🌻


Dear Candi, Healing from the loss of a loved one is a journey and it need not be traumatic. By trusting in your self you opened up beautifully and your higher self reciprocated. Best wishes, Sam



King Garnett

Meeting Sam was amazing. So much wisdom with the session that we had. I booked this session as a birthday gift to myself on 5-11-21 and it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. First we did a energy scan to see what my vibration was and then we talked about alot of issues I was troubled by and Sam was able to help me to see things from a spiritual perspective. Sam helped me to understand from a soul level we make a contract with other's to carry out lessons when we come to earth. From listening to his teaching I was able to understand that the things I look at as bad experiences are just things I needed to learn for soul growth. Then we went into the past life regression where I was able to find out why my self esteem and self worth was low. I found out why I didn't value myself the way that I should. When I was awakened from the regression it allowed me to feel liberated knowing where this baggage came from. This was truly a inspiring session. My higher self guided me to meeting Sam and going through this experience. This would definitely help other's gain a new perspective on their current life and if they are looking for answers and clarity. Peace and blessings to Sam and his family. I am very thankful 🙏 🙏🙏


Dear King, It is your inner wisdom that you are experiencing. The world that you experience outside of you is simply a reflection of the change that you have made within yourself. Congratulations! Just remember to be like an open hand, which receives. When your hand is open, you are naturally relaxed. And when you are relaxed, you are in the best position to respond, create and manifest. Your vibration is deciding each moment what does and does not happen in your life. You are doing very well my dear friend. Thank you, Sam



nate goosey

Sam is a very wise, compassionate, caring and very intuitive soul that can be felt right away. Something that’s getting harder to find by the day. Really wished I’d met with him sooner. Though the universe works like that and when your ready things show up. Was a really great experience and Sam took the time to cover everything I was dealing with in a very patient manner unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommend this to anyone that’s open to it. So much great energy and healing to go around.


Thanks again Sam and your kind heart.


Dear Nate, Thank you for your kind words. What is within is what is reflected outside. Truly, it is your wisdom, compassion, caring, and intuition that you experienced in me. I enjoyed our conversations and the opportunity to assist you. Enjoy, Sam



Lorna Blake

I found Sam by doing a Google search & something made me email him. He invited me to have a complimentary phone consultation and took time to understand my needs after which I set up an Awakening session with him.


Two weeks later, as I was preparing to go into the Awakening session via Zoom, I started second guessing myself. As if by divine design, about 30 minutes before the session, I was doing last minute organizing. Out of nowhere, a little piece of paper popped out like a Chinese fortune cookie which read: "You're going to meet someone who is going to change your future."


I went into the Zoom session not really knowing what would happen. It was an incredibly powerful session! It was as if Sam and I were in the same room. Sam's knowledge, expertise and experience in energy medicine, quantum physics, yogic sciences, etc combined with his sense of humor and generosity of heart blew my mind & opened my heart to even greater possibilities for my life, health and well-being.


I have worked with several different practitioners in the personal development world as I am constantly seeking to grow myself. But I have never experienced what I did with Sam.


One thing I know for sure: I did meet someone who changed my future by helping me evolve. And my life is forever changed.


I highly recommend his services!


Dear Lorna, Thank you for your kind words and thank you for being a life coach and a change maker as you envision a new world. I enjoyed working with you.

This line particularly caught my attention - "You're going to meet someone who is going to change your future." So true!!!

And you met that someone in the session - “Your Higher Self” who has always been there within you.

The Awakening session is a great way to energetically connect with your Truth, Source, Self. Once you awaken to Life greater possibilities, good health, and well-being come naturally. Best, Sam



Stephanie Shideler

I'm am so glad I did my first QHHT / PLR session with Sam. The experience is absolutely, 1000% worthwhile. The preparatory work that Sam gave me was very cathartic and exactly what I needed. The session with Sam - which lasted close to 5 hours! - was sublime. My biggest takeaway from the experience was learning how to tap into my subconscious and trust myself - my higher self has all the answers. Sam helped to open this portal for me, and it's just a glimpse, but it is a feeling I am holding on to and has given me even greater confidence in myself and my path. Thank you, Sam!


Dear Stephanie, Thank you! The glimpses you experienced cannot be explained in any conventional way, but as you keep practicing the simple processes, the riple effect will occur, opening up your full potential... feeling the magnificient self that you are! Trusting yourself is the key ingredient and you have plenty. Being able to experience your Divinity while rooted in physicality is a beautiful feeling. Enjoy! Sam



Angela Bent-Williams

I was very apprehensive but also excited going into this experience.  Sam worked to perfectly slip past my science laden left brain to help me be prepared and open to new possibilities... and those possibilities showed up!    I truly believe it's an opportunity that everyone should experience.

Thank you Sam🙏


Dear Angela, Just by being open and receptive you manifested a successful session for yourself. Fantastic!!! It is always a pleasure facilitating a scan and a PLR session for a person from the scientific community. Thank you, Sam



Ryan Young

Sam is a beautiful soul, who will help youcomep to terms with certain imbalances in your life. The imbalances are unique to each individual and present themselves in various ways. In certain circumstances, these will present themselves as questions, which you can ask and receive intuition on how to come back into balance. In my opinion, the beginning consultation with Sam, prior to the actual regression session is worth the commitment, all by itself. This was a beautiful experience and something that every person should check out. Thanks Sam!!


Thank you Ryan for your kind words. "I don't know" are the three most empowering words the Universe yearns to hear from us. You came in with genuine questions and that opened up your probabilities for manifesting what you want in your life. I appreciate you recognizing the value of the initial consultation. My time is precious, but it turns invaluable every time I get an opportunity to touch someone's life positively and help them lift their vibration, even before starting the session. Enjoy your connection with the Source. Best, Sam



Lexx A

I AM/PREFER TO HEAR FROM THOSE WHO ARE VERY OPEN MINDED & UNBIASED - THAT'S WHY I'M WRITING THIS.  I was surprised at the immediate 1hr consult over the phone without having to schedule it (nice!). He asked what I was looking to gain from the session. He told me a lot about what to expect & gave me homework as well as an appointment date during the consult. I was to create a list of 25-30 questions and perform a grounding ritual with an affirmation he had provided. I did complete both. The morning of, he was SUPER patient & helpful in assisting me prior to the appointment. I was late due to construction in the area (and getting lost easily lol). He was 100% understanding and assured me repeatedly that I could take my time. Once I got there I had forgotten to cut my nails so he ALSO gave me time to run 5 min out to Walgreens. Once my nails were cut he ran the energy scan. I had to cut my fingernails so that the flesh protruded from the tips and not actual fingernail. He advised not eating for at least 1hr prior to the test & mine was in the AM so I did not eat until about 3/4p.m. I inserted each of my 10 fingers into a box which scanned my fingertips & provided several comprehensive looking reports. He briefly touched on things like "it looks like your liver is a little off" and "your heart chakra is high" - nothing terribly informative or actionable but interesting. He re emphasised several times that we would do the scan again AFTER my session so I could see the changes as proof of efficacy. I was a little surprised at the structure of the visit since we spent most of the time was me listening to him speak. At one point he asked occasional questions like a therapist would, then presented elaborate commentaries on my responses peppered with metaphors and stories of his own life. I found it interesting & entertaining. He presented some thought provoking perceptive insights and quotes. I had to stop at some point during my session because my stomach was rumbling so loud it was distracting lol! He did have a couple snacks which he happily shared plus water. For the actual regression, he had me lay on a bed & close my eyes. He used guided imagery to induce relaxation then had me tell him a constant string of descriptions concerning what I was seeing & what thoughts were coming to my head. For me it honestly felt like the light dancing on my eyelids possibly? I was facing a row of windows & I asked early on if I could get a blindfold but he said it might impact results and that it was best not to, so I didn't. I wasn't bothered, just unable to rule that out as a possible influence bc I did describe several flashes of a bright Indigo colour REPEATEDLY which is what I think could have been influenced by the light. I also developed an intense spinning sensation which made me very dizzy & a slight headache on the left side of my head - 1st in the front then the back. Those experiences I could NOT explain. I haven't had a headache in years & I don't struggle with vertigo at all. Afterward he suggested withdrawing from all social interactions if you can such as staying off your phone, avoiding conversations, avoiding music, etc.  One additional benefit included are the reports from the energy scan. Unfortunately he did NOT see any real changes in my results when comparing the results before vs after despite recalibrating the machine & re-running the test.  OVERALL I ENJOYED but did NOT see the profound shifts others described. Im not sure if it's him just getting certified in 2020 & still developing his expertise, or if it's ME just not being the greatest candidate or not understanding my results fully yet.  I was going to wait to reflect on results a little longer but he was HEAVILY insistent on writing the review asap so I have, as agreed. He seemed like a very passionate man -  extremely patient/gentle with well developed insights & a genuine desire to help!  However, my encounter MAY HAVE (?) lacked effectiveness & there was no refund or alternate options offered that I could see so I recommend trusting your gut if considering.


Dear Alexis, I truly appreciate your sincere feedback and know it will help and inspire others who are also seeking. Thank you! In these uncharted territories of the subconscious, each client's experience is unique. As you integrate your experience and wisdom I hope you will experience the shift. My sincere reason for encouraging clients to share their experiences is so that together we can positively touch another person's life, for the greatest good of all. And that is a big blessing! Please reach out anytime for support. Much love and blessings, Sam.

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