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K Rod

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

It was a wonderful and beautiful experience. Sam takes the time to start building a relationship of trust with you as he explains the process. I felt very comfortable and at ease. It’s not rushed every step is at your own pace. The outcome is amazing because you become more aware of your surroundings and start appreciating more who you are and what your purpose in life is. I felt blessed to have made the decision to participate in this session.

Thank you Sam🙏


Dear Katy, thank you! You came determined and optimistic to make the shift and you are experiencing it. The heightned awareness that you are experiencing will bring clarity to you and is proof of how we can make energy work positively for ourself. Enjoy Sam



Silvana Wallinger

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Today I had my very first past life regression hypnosis therapy and all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH.  From the moment I arrived to met Sam I felt at peace.  He took the time to get to know me and my story and explained in detail the journey ahead.  The hypnosis session felt just wonderful from begining to end and I now feel hopeful for my future.  I would love to see Sam again in the future to discover many many more wonderful memories.


Thank you Silvana. I have tremendous respect for what you have accomplished in your personal growth. The downloads and the healing energies that you got from your Higher Self will see you through in fulfilling your dreams of abundance, love and bringing joy to other people. Sam



Jonathan Rivera Rodriguez

It was an amazing experience with Sam I honestly cannot have the words to describe the peace and happiness and love that I feel now, am so grateful and thankful for this blessing. Thank you sam


Thank you Jonathan, you have a big heart and I am sure you will be inspiring others to do the work that you have done for yourself. Best, Sam



Kavita Prasad

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I was in India when I heard about Sam Joshi through a friend of mine. Since I was going through a rough time I decided to see what was in store for me and contacted Sam. We set up a video chat and I spent a good 2 hours or so just talking to him. He is a healer for sure. I felt so much better just talking to him. He gave me some easy exercises to do just to calm my frayed nerves, and it worked. He is great at easing your pain and just helping you understand that its not the end of the world. It felt like the flood gates of my mind and heart just broke open. I felt so optimistic about my life and myself. Thank you so much Sam for helping me. I hope you are able to reach more people and help them feel better about themselves and cope with their life in a more positive way.


Kavita, thank you for your kind words. It was great doing an online session with you. Every session is unique and hence an opportunity for me to learn something new. Your session was a validation that when it comes to working with energy, time and distance do not matter. I wish you the best, Sam



Nick Gautreaux

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I did my QHHT session with Shoma and it was absolutely amazing! She was very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. She had a warm smile and was very determined to help me find the answers that I was looking for. She took me into a past life when I was in Egypt and healed people in my magic temple. I was reunited with an old friend while I was there and the experience was so profound that I started crying heavily as if I had found something that was missing in my life. Overall, this experience was fantastic and I would do it again in a heartbeat! If you are considering QHHT but are a little nervous I highly suggest reaching out to Shoma! Her warm personality and smile will make you feel at ease right away. The body relaxes and all of your worries disappear. Thank you again Shoma for your beautiful work and I hope to see you again in the future! 🙏💜💛


Thank you Nick! You were open so your Higher Self flowed through you so effortlessly. I am glad that I could be of help! Shoma



Kristy Harris

Local Guide·25 reviews·1 photo

a year ago

I had an amazing session, Sam helped me through so much. I appreciate his work and look forward to future help from him.


Thank you Kristy. It was a great session and I really enjoyed working with you. Best, Sam



Mariam Mansour

What I’m about to write here is too small as a feedback and review for Sam and his services which are too amazing to just sums up in one short review.


First of all when I called Sam for the first time just to inquire info about his QHHT , Hypnosis and Past Life Regression I was blown away by his patience , knowledge , detailed information , tips and useful instructions we had an amazing wonderful conversation I wasn’t  rushed to book the session Sam dedicated his precious time and made sure I am ready to visit his facility and have an idea of what I can expect and get out of the session .

No body does that trust me .

The next day I came to his warm house Sam provided me with a lot of information walked me throughly about the session then we moved on to the process and the questions I prepared along the outcomes of this healing .

He’s very professional ,  his house is super clean , quiet , tidy and the hypnotherapy room is very inviting you feel relaxed and safe , I loved the details , Rose Quartz ,paintings on the wall the Buddha statue , the lamp out of this world you feel secure and cared for .

Sam was an excellent listener and a wonderful guide throughout my PLR session you feel at ease , very calm , and well supported he shared some wonderful health tips and practices that perhaps you might not get somewhere else .

I highly recommend Sam and his Therapy as I felt so light and lots of weight got lifted out of my shoulders compared to when I walked it with stiff shoulders and  stressed neck .

I can’t wait to use his services again as this is a life learning process and I am glad I found someone like Sam to be my guide into the awakening realm .

Thank you Sam lots of love and light to your way 🙏🏼💜


Thanks Mariam, I am sure the world will notice the power and creativity you have coming from within you. I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing you on the big screen and being a hero and inspiration to women all over the world. Sam


Shishi Ferguson

Shoma was intuitive to my needs right from the very start at first contact when I enquired about a session. She answered all my questions and sent me links to familiarize myself with the process and what to expect. Location was easy to find and had a calm and serene relaxing atmosphere which made me feel at home and comfortable to open up and talk about my situation and reasons for session. I also had a bunch of questions which Shoma made note of to get answers during the session. Shoma's innate desire to help and spread light shone through from the start. She was very accommodating having all my questions answered and even contacted passed on loved one at my request.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Shoma



M. Smith

Sam Shoma's comforting presence sets his clients at ease, an essential quality as a hypnotherapist. If you are interested in QHHT &/or regression therapy to access the part of yourself that has the answers necessary to create true healing, I recommend Sam to be your guide.


Thank you Michelle. It was an honor to do a QHHT session with a practicing hypnotherapist. I appreciate the opportunity and your feedback. Best, Sam



Denise Castillo-Eusebio

This practice is truly a unique experience. You’re immediately touched by the positive energy and spirits of this home office. I arrived a bit nervous for my QHHT session with Shoma, but the nervousness seemed to dissipate with our initial contact. The session was thorough and lasted over 5 hours. Shoma took the time to go through my life obstacles and really listened, with no judgement. My mind struggled with letting go but she used additional techniques to help me relax. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to explore this way of healing.


Thank you Denise. I appreciate your kind words! Shoma

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