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Sam QHHT Orlando Past Life

Samanvaya Joshi

Samanvaya has spent many years on the spiritual path and brings different backgrounds and influences to his practice, through a calling: to bring relief and healing to those seeking answers in their life.


Sam was awakened to the spiritual life at an early age. Inspired by his father, he began to realize that the cosmic journey of the soul far exceeds the physical constraints of the body. He was fascinated with the mysteries presented by ancient pyramids and other phenomena across the world, seeking as much information as he could find on the esoteric from childhood into his adult life.


He eventually encountered the teachings of Sadhguru. After following his teachings for some time, Samanvaya went to join his ashram in South India as a volunteer. For several years he lived there, immersed in the pure experience of the spiritual, before moving to the United States to continue his journey.


In addition to his work with Sadhguru, Samanvaya has absorbed the teachings of many visionaries and leaders. Some of these awakened and enlightened beings include Matías De Stefano, Mooji Baba, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Hew Len, Osho, Paramahansa Yoganada, Aaron Doughty, Abraham Hicks, and Brad Yates. He discovered the QHHT method through the work of its founder, Dolores Cannon. Today the practice of QHHT is led by her daughter, Julia Cannon, another evolved being an important inspiration for Samanvaya’s work. He is incredibly grateful for the guidance and wisdom of these spiritual masters.


Through years of learning and with his own transformative experiences, Samanvaya can help you find your path as well.

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