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Mooji Baba - a truly kind, compassionate and loving Master.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

If you are looking for the shortest way to discover your 'true' Self, Mooji has the answer!

“Ignoring the mind is a beautiful sadhana. This is what many of the sages did. They ignored the mind out of existence. It loses its influence and its potency when it is ignored.” - Mooji

Mooji Baba truly is a very kind, loving, compassionate, gentle spiritual Master. Mooji is based out of Portugal and runs an ashram called Monte Sahaja.

In 1987 Mooji or Tony Paul Moo-Young encountered a Christian friend in London which began his spiritual quest. Later in India he met Papaji an enlightened guru who showed Mooji the way.

Mooji gives sathsangs around the world and a free four-week sathsang in Rishikesh, India during February and March every year to discover who ‘you’ truly are. During satsang, Mooji speaks with seekers of truth as they bring forward many burning questions, doubts and testimonies in relation to their search for lasting peace, joy and liberation.

After watching several Mooji baba's online stahsangs, I feel he offers one of the quickest paths to liberation using the intellect. He has meditations, but no kriyas, or yoga asanas. Through self-inquiry and The Invitation (his guided meditation) he shows a very direct and effective way to lasting Self-discovery or discovering your true ‘Self’.

He is a rare Master who is devoted to using just one tool – Self-discovery, without the need to offer a variety to please the masses. And it works, it works, it works!

He is helping millions of people on all levels, advanced and who have just embarked on their journey of Self Discovery, seeking of Truth, the Realization of the Self or the Discovery of the God-Self within.

People with burning questions are drawn to him, and Mooji with his wisdom, humor and compassion patiently helps the questioner understand the mechanics for the thousandth time with grace and patience.

“When you truly find love for others inside your heart, it is so empowering, so beautiful because you are seeing the eyes of God ” - Mooji

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