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Chakra, Energy Scan

Find out what's blocking you from manifesting the reality you want. In-person.

  • 1 h
  • Downtown Ocala, South Magnolia Avenue

Service Description

Whether you believe in past-life regression, hypnosis, and God or not... We lovingly welcome you. Using sophisticated scanning technology we measure your body energy, chakra energy and alignment. Often called aura scan. The energy is measured in joules to display many energetic parameters. The scan is free (for a limited time) for past life regression clients to see their energetic shift before a PLR session and after a PLR session. The better aligned your chakras are the more coherent you will be in your thoughts and feelings followed by actions leading to manifesting the reality you want in your life. Find out which Chakras are helping you grow and which chakras are stopping you from manifesting your desires. As seen on Gaia channel, this fantastic technology will tell you in minutes your chakra alignment. This scan can measure how your chakras are vibrating and if they are aligned based on your body’s energy flows, that affect all organs of the human body. It can also measure the level of your stress and can also help assess your body’s energy potential. The scan helps you objectively see and understand how you are doing and then take corrective measures by making lifestyle changes, or using energetic processess. When your chakras are in alignment and open, your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body are fully receptive to the energy of the Universe. You can experience peace and vitality and a drop in the lower emotions. You are able to respond rather than react to external situations. This harmony and stability within yourself nourishes you from the inside out. Know how you are doing energetically to start your healing journey. 1 hour - $100

Contact Details

  • 116 South Magnolia Avenue, Ocala, FL, USA

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