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Bee Gee

To say this experience was amazing would be the biggest understatement there is. I was so scared to spend the money for this because I'm in the process of buying a house, but I was drawn to it like I needed to do this session. And I did for many reasons - some I knew, and others I didn't. I am a healthcare provider and follow science to the best of my ability, but everything that happened during and after our session was not something that medicine and science are talking about (at least not here in the US). First was my energy scan: he said something was going on with my teeth/jaw, and just 3 days prior I had to have a crown replaced because it kept popping off, and I have a crooked jaw from years of grinding. He told me I have anxiety- which anyone who knows me will confirm, although it's not apparent to those who don't know me. He also said something about my appendix which ironically I have told my husband twice in the past 6 months that I felt like my appendix
was inflamed, but not appendicitis. Again, healthcare provider here. I didn't have it checked because it wasn't appendicitis and there isn't much known about the appendix to begin with. Next came our discussion and I
went in with the intent of not being specific about everything because as much of a believer and as open as I am, I'm also a skeptic. I also went in with the intent of not discussing certain things in depth, but ended up pouring out more than I anticipated, and it came out easily - like talking to someone I've known a long time. After what seemed like 1-2 hours (but was actually 5) came the hypnosis session. It started out with me reminding myself to "just be and accept" my own little
mantra because I am constantly analyzing and judging myself and my own thoughts. As I let go, I started experiencing some very weird things. I don't want to go into extreme detail because I don't want to set expectations for others' sessions. But I have never considered myself one with an imagination and I absolutely have never had any somatic experiences that I was aware of until this session. What I experienced, and the places they were felt with the intensity they were,
was UNREAL! Energy flow is real if you let it do it's work, and if you really trust and let go, the energy is magical and I mean that with every piece of me. Again, healthcare provider here- science based, but with the knowledge that there IS something more. If you go in with an open heart and mind, and really trust the process and let go, you will be amazed. I learned that I have soooooo much left to learn. Sam, you are phenomenal and I'm grateful we found each other in this lifetime.

Thank you Brooke for sharing your experience. You have said it so beautifully. “I was drawn to it like I needed to do this session. And I did for many reasons - some I knew, and others I didn’t.” Most people miss out on the magic of life because they procrastinate. They wonder - Is this right for me? Am I worth the investment? Can I be helped? The mind will duly throw these questions at you because that’s its job.

But when you operate from your heart and allow yourself to be guided by your Higher Self, then you are taking the leap of faith. That act of believing in yourself or attempting something whose existence cannot be proven or an outcome guaranteed, sends the perfect message to the Universe. I am ready to be helped. 👏 👏 👏

Especially as a health care provider to experience what you did is great validation. Yes, it may sound woo woo, but it works!!! Whether you call yourself unimaginative, analytical, or scientific all you need is an open mind to let your energy align and let the magic happen.I hope that in another 10-15 years what we call as weird or unconventional will be the mainstream, as ‘dry’ science incorporates consciousness to make it life science. Again, thank you for sharing your energy. Much love and blessings, Sam




Gayle Marie Holmes

This is an experience you must not miss!  I was skeptical, fearful and definitely not wanting to part with my money.  On our first phone call Sam said if you are supposed be here the money will be available to you.  Three days after scheduling the appointment I received a completely unexpected check that more than paid for the session.  I am beyond grateful that I didn't miss this opportunity because of fear.  My Higher Self came through during the session and told me precisely what I need to do to heal.  Even revealing why I struggle with food addiction and exactly what I should be eating.  When past lives where shown to me I felt Power come through the top of my head and I physically felt painful emotions being extracted through my chest. This process has given me great insight on  troubled relationships and how to heal them.  It's been several days since the session and each day more and more is being revealed.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  Great Love!

Dear Gayle, Many thanks for being so candid about your ‘before and after' experience!
Many others who are guided by the Universe to seek this session go through some fear, skepticism, and procrastination about investing time and money in themselves. The ‘thinking mind’ always comes up with the most logical reasons as to why one cannot afford the session at this time, desperately trying to keep you away from becoming free.
But if you listen to your heart and let that energy grow, then just with that faith in the Universe you can make the session happen for yourself.
The Universe wants you to experience the power of creation, the divinity, the kingdom of God… that all is within you!
The moment you feel worthy enough to invest in your well-being you will see situations around you rearrange themselves. When you start healing from within, your external reality becomes a reflection of your internal. Enjoy manifesting and keep growing. Sam



Shubhamm Sukhlecha

The entire experience was amazing but I would want to share a specific part where I was completely stunned. During the session, my left brain was consistently wanting to tell me that I am not under any hypnosis and that I am completely conscious, but as soon as Sam brought me out of the session, I could feel everything around me as new, it felt so fresh, the eyes were dark red and I could then completely understand that I have experienced something that can not be completely accepted by the logical and analytical left brain. The experience is one of its kind, its difficult to express it in words. Thank you so much Sam.


Dear Shubhamm, thank you so much for sharing this amazing insight.When one is under this special kind of hypnosis you are awake, aware, fully in control, talking with me, and remembering what you see. This throws some people off, especially if they are expecting to go into a slumber or something like an intoxicated state. If one is in a drowsy state the work cannot be done. That is why I take you to a state of super consciousness, while at the same time you are completely relaxed (the reason for the pinkish eyes 😃) ,so that you can get the clarity, wisdom, and healing.The idea and expectation that hypnosis will stop my thoughts or make me drowsy may originate from seeing a hypnosis show. In those circumstances, it may be necessary to put on an entertaining performance. But in this session, our goal is to work with your Higher Self. And for that, you need to be super aware and conscious so that you are able to heal yourself and bring clarity and wisdom.Whatever your conscious mind tells you, work will happen on the subconscious mind and it happens beautifully. All you need is openness and willingness when you come in.Thank you for so beautifully bringing this point up. I really appreciate it and I know it will help anyone who reads your review. Much love and blessings, Sam

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