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Ready to make a shift in YOUR life?

Ready to make a shift in YOUR life?

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We believe it is not chance, but a deeper intelligence at work that brought you here!


And it works in funny ways, doesn’t it?

It's likely that you are already on your spiritual journey. 


Or perhaps you're just curious to try past-life regression for yourself.

​Or maybe you are hurting. You feel trapped in cycles of trauma, abuse, or karma. You want real answers to your fears. You want to understand your relationships better.

Or you have persistent symptoms your doctor can't readily explain.


Perhaps you've always felt like no one could understand you because you are different.


Maybe you've had dreams that you want to understand.


Or feel like there is destiny locked within your heart, yearning to be free.


Whether you believe in past-life regression, hypnosis, and God or not... We lovingly welcome you.


Shoma and I have been on the path of self-awareness and discovery for many years. And in that time we have acquired wisdom, tools, and techniques from many spiritual teachers across the globe.


We have seen hundreds of lives, including our own, transform by learning a few simple truths.


We help you transform yours through compassionate, non-judgmental, and
holistic wellness, using the techniques of past-life regression, hypnosis, QHHT, and health coaching.


Depending on Your specific needs, we help with...


  • Unlearning negative conditioning
  • Working out active and forgotten traumas
  • Breaking addictions and compulsions
  • De-programming limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Maintaining personal energy hygiene
  • Understanding your true value
  • Discovering your purpose for being here
  • Finding real closure
  • Opening up your heart energy

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Complimentary Energy/Chakra Scan with your
Past Life Regression session.

Energy and Chakra Scan

This advanced cutting-edge technology allows you to visually see your physical, emotional, and energetic parameters. Based on the scan readings one can take corrective measures in diet and lifestyle. You can be proactive to health than reacting after an illness has occurred. 

  • See how energized and aligned your Chakras/ Energy centers are.

  • How your body is managing and adapting to stress

  • What areas or your body/organs are the most unbalanced

  • Get your unique audio track with customized frequencies for addressing your current energetic makeup.  

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