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Sam has helped 100s of clients, get rid of all kinds of Problems and Hurdles, through the profound process of QHHT Past Life Regression

"I truly believe that if you have landed on this website. It is not a coincidence, but fate and synchronicity that has brought you here. I'm ready to help you make the shift that you need in your Life. Are you?"

Hey! I'm Sam Joshi


Lives Transformed


5 - Star Reviews


Hours Spent In Sessions

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Discover Lasting Well Being through

QHHT Past Life Regression

Are you ready to make the SHIFT In your Life?

Past Life Regression is for you if....

  • You're on a spiritual journey. 

  • You're just curious to try past-life regression for yourself

  • ​You're hurting

  • You feel trapped in cycles of trauma, abuse, or karma

  • You want real answers to your fears

  • You want to understand your relationships better.

  • You have persistent symptoms your doctor can't readily explain

  • You've always felt like no one could understand you because you are different.

  • You've had dreams that you want to understand.

  • You feel like there is destiny locked within your heart, yearning to be free.​​​​

Whether you believe in past-life regression, hypnosis, and God or not... We lovingly welcome you.

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How Can I Help You?

Sam has been on the path of self-awareness and discovery for many years. And in that time he acquired wisdom, tools, and techniques from many spiritual teachers across the globe.


He has seen hundreds of lives, including his own, transform by learning a few simple truths.


Sam can help you transform yours through compassionate, non-judgmental, and holistic wellness. Using the techniques of past-life regression, hypnosis, QHHT, and health coaching, Sam can help you change your life for the better.

  • Unlearn negative conditioning

  • Understand and Overcome Traumas

  • Break Addictions and Compulsions

  • De-programme Limiting Beliefs about Yourself


  • Maintain Personal Energy Hygiene

  • Understand your True Value

  • Discover your Purpose for being here

  • Finding Real Closure

  • Opening Up your Heart Energy

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Shimon Yush

Sam Joshi is a wonderful human being. He is patient and very knowledgeable. He helped me feel comfortable and open up about what's going on in my life. There are many questions I had that are going on in my life that I didn't have an explanation for and Sam helped me get answers. Sam helped me experience something truly amazing! I recommend going to Sam and experiencing the past life regression.

Thank you Sam, you are truly a wellspring of amazing energy!

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Joy Herring

Best experience of my life! I have existed for 40 years, but now I am ready to live. I asked the creator for assistance with this and was lead to Sam. If you’re unable to let go of something from your past that is causing you to hold on to anger, resentment, or fear I strongly suggest you have a session. It’s time to start living the life you’re meant to live and stop merely existing. Sam is a special person with so much spiritual wisdom I am grateful to have met him. Thank you Thank Thank you.

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Andrew Medvedovsky

If you are reading this review and came across Sam Joshi, then you are in the right place and something lead you here. This experience is trully special and something that exceeded my expectations. Sam is a very special individual. His energy and authenticity make you feel 100% at ease, unjudged and in a different frame of mind and spirit. I truly enjoyed my experience and recommend this to anyone who is on a journey of self discovery, improvement, spiritual growth or feels lost in some areas.

What did you like about the Session?

Kurt's Testimonial




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Just 1 Session with Sam 

and you'll be able to resolve issues that have been holding you back for years

What Do We Do Differently?

You are more powerful than you were ever conditioned to believe.


But your past programming, based on fear, stress, guilt, resentment, and other limiting emotions, keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle. And it keeps you from experiencing true love, peace, joy, and power.


Your conditioning has told you to accept that you cannot be helped. And because you believe it… You believe that life is suffering.


But nothing could be further from the truth.


The solution to this programming lies in undoing the energetics that keep you trapped in fear, guilt, pain, low self-esteem, resentment, and more.


So if you’ve ever wondered…


  • How to connect to your past life to help understand the karmic cycles that are governing your life.

  • How to break the never-ending pattern of toxic partners so you can find true love that is reciprocated.

  • How to gain freedom from traumatic experiences without years of therapy.

  • How to break free from addiction without using your will power.

  • How to recover from the loss of a loved one so you can move on with your life in peace.

  • How to know the answers to your life questions, without having to ask a psychic.

  • The secret reason you actually fear death.

  • Why you are letting your dreams die slowly inside of you.

Then we invite you to book a session with us.


The Truths are simple, it’s unlearning your past programming that’s Hard.


We help you do it through past-life regression, hypnosis, QHHT, and life health coaching.

And when you do, you’ll learn that you are more powerful than you even think.

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Complimentary Chakra Scan with your Past Life Regression session

This advanced cutting-edge technology allows you to visually see your physical, emotional, and energetic parameters. Based on the scan readings one can take corrective measures in diet and lifestyle. You can be proactive to health than reacting after an illness has occurred. 

  • See how energized and aligned your Chakras/ Energy centers are.

  • How your body is managing and adapting to stress

  • What areas or your body/organs are the most unbalanced

  • Get your unique audio track with customized frequencies for addressing your current energetic makeup.  

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People seek out many solutions on their journey towards healing and spiritual growth.


And, for some, counseling, medication and even religion can bring them solace. But unfortunately, many of these solutions fail to deliver the fix that’s truly needed.


Meanwhile, the true roots of our suffering fester and burrow deeper within us.


We specialize in helping clients using the tools of hypnosis and past-life regression. This allows us to go directly to the root of your suffering and bring relief. When necessary, we can also bring in a spiritual and energetic perspective.


So if you have reached a point where a simple ‘band-aid’ won’t do the trick, then we invite you to book a free call with us, to see which session is right for you.


Take the first step today towards a new life — one that is full of inspiration, with joy flooding your veins, love saturating your entire being, and a deep feeling of gratitude that surrounds you!


Are you ready to change your life?

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