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Past Life Regression QHHT Sam Joshi Orla

Haven’t you always felt like there was more to life?

I know that I did… Ever since I was young...

Your Session

I used to love mysteries, build model pyramids under my bed, and devour spiritual books


(Maybe you can relate)


This was all back in Pune, India where I grew up.


My dad was a local professor who would help me get access to all of the books locked up in glass cabinets behind the desk at the library. As a kid, I used to stay up for hours, reading about aliens, spirits, the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle and God.


I built pyramid replicas to see how they would affect my sleep and energy. I experimented with telepathy and anything that I thought would get me closer to something bigger than myself.


At 16, my father handed me a copy of a book called Notes to Myself and I was hooked. The spiritual teachings within it made so much sense that I thought I would dedicate my life to their pursuit.


Or so I thought...

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